domenica 1 agosto 2010

A Japanese dinner will fix it all

I'm still recovering, my back still hurts, and this is making me very slow and full of confusion... I hate to not be able to take a walk. Only now I realize how much I love to walk around the city!
So, to cheer me up and to celebrate the good result of my last exam, I had a Japanese dinner with my boyfriend. At home, of course, because I can't go out for now... but it was fun. I hope I'll taste the real Japanese food soon. For now, I can only taste what they sell here. Do you think it's the same? I guess it is, in a way... but, I still think that, to taste a country's food, you should go there. (but I love Japanese food anyway!)


This is Daifuku, made of... glue. XD No, not really, but it looks like that... It was the first time for me, and I found it a bit weird... I hope that the "real" mochi is better!

Well, the only cultural aspect that could give me "cultural shock" is food, I always say that. Ehy, I live in Italy! Food is the only thing we really know about! XD

* * *

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