domenica 1 agosto 2010

A Japanese dinner will fix it all

I'm still recovering, my back still hurts, and this is making me very slow and full of confusion... I hate to not be able to take a walk. Only now I realize how much I love to walk around the city!
So, to cheer me up and to celebrate the good result of my last exam, I had a Japanese dinner with my boyfriend. At home, of course, because I can't go out for now... but it was fun. I hope I'll taste the real Japanese food soon. For now, I can only taste what they sell here. Do you think it's the same? I guess it is, in a way... but, I still think that, to taste a country's food, you should go there. (but I love Japanese food anyway!)


This is Daifuku, made of... glue. XD No, not really, but it looks like that... It was the first time for me, and I found it a bit weird... I hope that the "real" mochi is better!

Well, the only cultural aspect that could give me "cultural shock" is food, I always say that. Ehy, I live in Italy! Food is the only thing we really know about! XD

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  1. Awwww, it's not nice to hear that your back still hurts =.= Can you try another doctor? You don't get massage or some kinds of spine gymnastics? (This is where they usually send the people to here in case of back problems...)
    Haha, I would like to take you in my suitcase on my culinary journey ^0^ Surely Japanese food tastes different out of Japan, you should see what they call Italian food over there! I wrote you about what you can do to a pizza ~ maybe it's the reason why my letter disappeared, it was too cruel ^.^ I'm not a fan of traditional Japanese sweets, though I love red beans and green tea flavour in them... But the red bean paste is waaaaay too sweet and well, mochi just tastes like the white stuff around the paste... I can't eat it without anything, but I love it with peanuts powder (as in Taiwan) or in red bean soup ^0^ There are also small Chinese 'daifuku' with peanut, sesame and red bean paste, they're great <3
    Maki seems to be with tuna... but what about the nigiri? Eel? Octopus? I love it ^^ But I prefer squid <3 Awwww, I'm soooo looking forward to starting EATING from next week on ^0^ At least I can bring you and J some candy which I adore too <3

  2. I hope that you feel better soon! That sushi looks really delicious, I might even get some for lunch after seeing that. When I went to Japan I was only 16 so I cant really remember all the food but I do remember this delcious noodle dish called Yuki Soba, so so good.

  3. I often find the food you cook yourself is the closest you'll get to the country food but also in reality you need to think about how many people in the actual country can cook the traditional food right? As now its so easy to get ready made meals or take aways.

    Anyway with being a Pakistani in the UK, I do not at all enjoy traditional Pakistani food in restaurants as they add in herbs that generally are not there, the food if a buffet style is often hard etc... I only tend to go out with work. We once went to a restaurant that put nuts in their curry which we never do. Still if I came across different food from other countries I may class it as delicious because I don't know any better. Hopefully you'll get to go to Japan one day so your able to try it yourself.

  4. Ciao carissima, spero che la tua schiena stia un pò meglio..Io in questi mesi poca voglia di fare..uff! Scrivi prestooooooooo! Bacionixxxxxximi! ^.^

  5. That package with Alice on it is fantastic!

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  7. ciao bambolina..tanti tanti auguroni! presto ti invio il regalino..scusa ma è un periodo un pò stressante..poi ti racconto per lettera! ancora TANTISSIMI AUGURONI DI CUORE! Lolly

  8. Hey there,
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