mercoledì 28 aprile 2010

Just mail

Snail mail

Snail mail
I have made all the cats envelopes by an old calendar. Aren't they cute?

lunedì 26 aprile 2010

Shopping list

What do you do, when you're a bit sad?
I'm feeling kind of tired these days, and when I feel like this... I waste money on Etsy! Oh well, that's not an advice, because you need to know that I could really spend a fortune on it. And that isn't good. (but it's VERY funny!)
So, what will erase my boredom this time? (click on the description to go to the shop!) (but be wise and don't buy TOO MUCH!)

* * *

giovedì 22 aprile 2010

Earth day

I was amused by this Google header! And I was happy to learn more about the Earth day. Aren't you curious about it?
Someone else blogged about this too!

* * *

And, I joined another giveaway, gh.

Click to partecipate!

mercoledì 21 aprile 2010


I have to watch the movie "Penelope", I've always loved Christina Ricci!

I've been tagged, so here we go, my answers!

Three names I go by:
-- Sara (My real name)
-- Jennifer (My "official" nickname. Took from "Rule of rose", a videogame.)
-- Zephyr (That's a very old nickname of mine... I used it more than ten years ago. It was cute...)

Three jobs I've had:
-- Maid, just for some hours (and it was so funny!)
-- I've done a pratic stage as "Formatrice-orientatrice", but that word doesn't exist in English so let's say "Educator"...
-- I'm going to start another stage in an institute for deaf people

Three places I've lived:
-- Siracusa
-- Catania
-- ... and nothing more! But I hope to add a lot of places on this list, someday

Three favourite drinks:
-- Coffee, I'm totally addicted to it and if I don't drink at least three cups a day I could kill someone
-- Any kind of tea
-- Mmh... Water?

Three TV shows I watch:
-- Xena, I watch it over and over again
-- Buffy, I watch it too over and over
-- Now I'm watching all "Grey's anatomy" for the first time

Three places I've been:
-- Spain (Andalucia. It's so nice!)
-- France (but just Nizza!)
-- Some Italian cities. I need to travel more!!

Three places I'd like to visit:
-- Japan, for sure. I want to visit it a lot of times!
-- England
-- USA (oh, well, I could write 100 more!)

Three favourite old TV shows:
Oh gosh, my favorite are ALWAYS old! I could say...
-- Ally McBeal
-- A lot of old japanese anime
-- ... I really don't know, did I mentioned Xena?

Three favourite dishes:
-- Chocolate gelato
-- Sicilian sweets (cassata, cannoli, and a lot more)
-- Pizza margherita

Three make-up products I cannot live without:
-- Lipgloss
-- Lip balm (I discovered the Lush ones, now I'm screwed)
-- Delicious creams

Three things I'm looking forward to:
-- My degree
-- My trip to Tokyo
-- The day when I'll be indipendent and free

Three people I'm tagging:
Well well, feel free to tag yourself if you'd like to do this!

lunedì 19 aprile 2010

Mail, books, giveaway

Snail mail

Snail mail

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You really want to join the Giant Giveaway!!

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More about L'evoluzione della libertà

Progress: 11/50

Mmh, I have to buy more books this week. I need to feed my mind.

sabato 17 aprile 2010

Kate Nash is my protector

"You've come so far, well done darling
We knew that you had it in you
You can do anything that you want, world is an oyster, don't dissapoint us
Now you can stand on your own two feet, you can lead me through the streets
Pave the way, so we can dream dreams, noone else can see what you made me see
Still climbing trees, tripping up over fallen leaves, but holding hands
No one else could ever understand what it's like between us

And thats betweens us, but I know that

You'll never listen to me, no you'll never listen to me
No you'll never listen to me, no you'll never listen to me..."

(Paris, by Kate Nash)

The second Kate Nash's album is out! And I'm listening to it, happy like a silly child. Maybe I'm stupid, but I feel like I could relate to myself every single song she writes!
And listening her song Paris, I see I won a giveaway for the first time in my life! And it was a very good one! Oh my, I'm so happy!
It was the one by Make do and mend. Gah, can't wait to receive it! Thank you, Kate, for this luck! Ah ah!

lunedì 12 aprile 2010

Letters sent and a new layout

Snail mail

Snail mail

Do you like my new layout?
The girl is Kate Nash, a singer I love. I know the layout is very simple, but I prefer to have a simple one customized by me, than a totally premade one. I hope I'll improve it with time!

sabato 10 aprile 2010

Working on it

Don't be scared about the layout... I have to change it, but I need more time! I'll do it next week.

giovedì 8 aprile 2010

Postcard love

I'm happy to see some of my followers care about little stationery shops. I have to say, destiny is unfair. I discovered only today that the little closing one has... postcards! I mean, not the one with pictures of my city, but with animals, flowers... and Diddl. Well, a LOT with Diddl. But they're postcards!
So, I haven't got a lot of money to send postcards with Postcrossing, but sometimes I send one. And, even if I've always ignored the joy of stamped and written postcard... now, I'm starting to feel it. A piece of world, a voice from somewhere far far away... just in my mailbox, randomly. What a nice idea!
But, if you would like to fill your postcard wall with nice sent postcard (or, if you just want to send something cute to your friends - I really think we should do that more!!), where could you find something?
Of course, the answer is... Etsy.

* * *

By TheNebulousKingdom

* * *

By Sybile

* * *

By Infinitales

* * *

By Hide and Seek

* * *

By Theblackapple

* * *

By nasoupo

* * *

By Ilona art

* * *

Don't you feel like you'd like to send a postcard, now? And why not?

mercoledì 7 aprile 2010

Another stationery shop is dead

Snail mail
I made the envelope with roses with an old used "gift-bag"!

Another stationery shop is going to close, near my house. It's a little one, not just about paper but that kind of shop that could make you spend hours to look around. It was full of nice things: bags, greeting cards, little gifts, Diddl's paper, and any kind of junk... but cute junk. Now it's closing, and I bought like six Diddl pads at a very low price. It's sad, anyway. I see shops like that closing everyday.
Do you have any nice shops, near your home? If yes, don't let them close. Buy stationery, people. It needs us to survive!!

giovedì 1 aprile 2010

The lost art of massive letters

^ A super-cute envelope by Ria
What could we do, to be a perfect penpal? Well, we all have requests. I've learned to look at requests first of all, to understand what kind of penpal you could be.
I love massive letters. Not medium, not long, but massive. In a world where a long letter is five A5 sides (not sheets!), I can't say I like long ones.
What is happening, to letter writers? Why can't we write a bit more? Are you really happy, when you receive the "flat, sad envelope"?
Of course, I don't write 50 A4 sheets every time. It depends. I have a life too, and I need to feel ispired, to spend some time on my letters to make them grow and grow. So, I suspect that nowadays we have too many pals to concentrate on every single one. I always try to be quick, to write in a week and to not take months for my replies. But, of course, if I have let's say twenty pals... it could be hard.
Do you have too many pals? Do you focus on every single letter? Do you have the time to write? If not, think about it. What is it better... A very long letter written with heart and care... or two sides of paper with nothing inside?
What a "long letter" is, you decide. You're free, and that's the nicest thing about penpalling. You can search for friends who agree with your definition of "long". But, to start, I suggest to take the amount of pals under control.
Quality, not quantity!!
And, about the books challenge, I'm going on!!
Progress: 09/50

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