mercoledì 21 aprile 2010


I have to watch the movie "Penelope", I've always loved Christina Ricci!

I've been tagged, so here we go, my answers!

Three names I go by:
-- Sara (My real name)
-- Jennifer (My "official" nickname. Took from "Rule of rose", a videogame.)
-- Zephyr (That's a very old nickname of mine... I used it more than ten years ago. It was cute...)

Three jobs I've had:
-- Maid, just for some hours (and it was so funny!)
-- I've done a pratic stage as "Formatrice-orientatrice", but that word doesn't exist in English so let's say "Educator"...
-- I'm going to start another stage in an institute for deaf people

Three places I've lived:
-- Siracusa
-- Catania
-- ... and nothing more! But I hope to add a lot of places on this list, someday

Three favourite drinks:
-- Coffee, I'm totally addicted to it and if I don't drink at least three cups a day I could kill someone
-- Any kind of tea
-- Mmh... Water?

Three TV shows I watch:
-- Xena, I watch it over and over again
-- Buffy, I watch it too over and over
-- Now I'm watching all "Grey's anatomy" for the first time

Three places I've been:
-- Spain (Andalucia. It's so nice!)
-- France (but just Nizza!)
-- Some Italian cities. I need to travel more!!

Three places I'd like to visit:
-- Japan, for sure. I want to visit it a lot of times!
-- England
-- USA (oh, well, I could write 100 more!)

Three favourite old TV shows:
Oh gosh, my favorite are ALWAYS old! I could say...
-- Ally McBeal
-- A lot of old japanese anime
-- ... I really don't know, did I mentioned Xena?

Three favourite dishes:
-- Chocolate gelato
-- Sicilian sweets (cassata, cannoli, and a lot more)
-- Pizza margherita

Three make-up products I cannot live without:
-- Lipgloss
-- Lip balm (I discovered the Lush ones, now I'm screwed)
-- Delicious creams

Three things I'm looking forward to:
-- My degree
-- My trip to Tokyo
-- The day when I'll be indipendent and free

Three people I'm tagging:
Well well, feel free to tag yourself if you'd like to do this!

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  1. Now I'm curious about those Sicilian sweets :P

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