mercoledì 7 aprile 2010

Another stationery shop is dead

Snail mail
I made the envelope with roses with an old used "gift-bag"!

Another stationery shop is going to close, near my house. It's a little one, not just about paper but that kind of shop that could make you spend hours to look around. It was full of nice things: bags, greeting cards, little gifts, Diddl's paper, and any kind of junk... but cute junk. Now it's closing, and I bought like six Diddl pads at a very low price. It's sad, anyway. I see shops like that closing everyday.
Do you have any nice shops, near your home? If yes, don't let them close. Buy stationery, people. It needs us to survive!!

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  1. This makes me sad. We have a few good stores that I try and support but most of them are now chainstores with no risk of closing.

  2. I agree with Megan. We once had a Farr's Stationary store when I was little, but ever since major chainstores showed up, it went out of business now. And now that I'm older and in actual need of stationary, I can't go there. :(

    I'd like to open up my own little stationary store one day. If I could, I would fly over there over night and buy all they had and help them out.

  3. It really is sad. :(
    I remember when one of our biggest stores here in my city had to close- not all about stationery, it was a big company that had to go into administration. . the store here was perfectly fine but the others made debts.
    However, they sold some stationery and writing stuff, too, and I can't forget the day where I entered the shop a last time and saw hundreds of people, picking up lots of items just because they were cheap. I always feel bad when I have to buy things much cheaper than they should be, just because the shop is closing. *sigh*
    However, I know two very small but sweet shops not far away from here where they sell anything connected to writing and luckily I doubt that they'll close during the next couple of years. :)

  4. I am always sad when a nice shop is closing. My favourite store for postcards closed some weeks ago and I was nearly crying. Now I have to order them online again, as all the other shops in the city don't have the assortment like they had...
    We don't have real stationery stores here =(! I know a big store who sells stationery and one cheap store with some stationery, but both of them have normally other themes and just one shelf with stationery.
    It is sad that those small shops have to close...=(

  5. After I read your post I had a sudden urge to visit the little stationaery store I used to go to when I was a teenager. I found two beautiful sets of cards there, enveloppes of one color I didn't have, and a special card. Even better : the girl working in the store this afternoon was very nice, helped me with my annoyingly huge baby carriage & let me breastfeed my baby in the backstore. Oh I also found a mini scented writing pad for my daughter... & she declared I was the BestmonInTheWorld after I gave her this little gift when she arrioved from school. So thanks for reminding me to go there, he he!

  6. Oh, this is so sad. We have one left in my area, and I hope it doesn't close.


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