lunedì 12 aprile 2010

Letters sent and a new layout

Snail mail

Snail mail

Do you like my new layout?
The girl is Kate Nash, a singer I love. I know the layout is very simple, but I prefer to have a simple one customized by me, than a totally premade one. I hope I'll improve it with time!

5 commenti:

  1. gorgeous mail, I really like the second one with the stars in particular. I'm impressed you made your own layout, I'm so incompetent at that sort of thing, no idea how!

  2. Lovely header and layout - I totally agree with spending the time customizing your own. Completely worth it.

    Lovely mail, as usual :)
    And your package is almost ready to go out, I wasn't feeling well the last couple of days :( Boo me.

  3. The new layout looks amazing. I love it.

    I love the envelope with the stars on it, as I loved to watch stars with my dad when I was small and he always told me which ones are what kind of star picture and now I still find some of them, when I look up to heaven at night. I love the night.


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