lunedì 14 giugno 2010

Still breathing

Do you like Lush? If you do, you should consider Lush UK. It's the cheapest online shop they have, and my first order went very smooth (with the Italian online shop, I always had weird problems!). Of course I've bought too much, but I loved Lemony Flutter and I'm very happy to have it! I love to feel all idratate and flavoured!

And, because UK is the best, there is another website you want to know: Bookdepository!
Without shipping cost, you can buy a lot of books (in English, of course) for very very cheap prices! I wonder if in UK it's normal to have such prices for books... If yes, I should live there. And, the site sells too some stationery. Labels, postcards, notebooks... you just have to search a bit. The "search system" is very messy I think, but not so bad.

I bought Anne Taintor's postcards! They're amazing!

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More about Era ieri More about Roma. Itinerari, shopping, ristoranti, alberghi

Progress: 22/50

I still haven't found my BOOK OF THE YEAR, I have to say. Maybe I should read more by Cioran.

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I loved to spend some time signing the places where I've been, on the Trip Advisor's map.
Well, the problem is... To look at this map makes me sad! I've seen so little of the world! I really need to travel more!
For now, I'm planning to visit Palermo and Roma. What next? Who knows...
(You can click on the map to enlarge it, and navigate it as you like!)

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  1. Oh dear, how could you!! Now I'll have to order all those English originals from there! ^^ My books are doing good ~ 26/50 thanks to a bunch of crime novels that I've read last week... They're always finished quickly... Book of the year is a nice idea too ^.^ Let's see whether someone will get an award from us ^.^ I liked some of the books really much and I even like the ones I read for my work now, incredible! Hehe, don't worry about seeing the world, it will wait for you ^0^ Hugs & love, xx =^.^=

  2. I love Lush too. Their products are so gorgeous!

  3. Eh eh, well, at least you'll buy English original for a cheap price and without shipping! ^.^ That's a bless for me, because here it's very hard to find English books!! And if I order them online, the prices are crazy...


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