martedì 1 giugno 2010


Snail mail
I did the Alice one! ^^

Snail mail

I was tagged by Joana to answer these questions:

1.When you were a child each band or singer was your favourite?
Oh my. I loved some pop, Italian bands, and that's a shame. XD I liked Laura Pausini, but just until I was like 12, and AQUA, and more.

2.If you could change your name, what would be the name you would pick?
I change my mind all the time about this. Today, I could say... Ginevra, or Rebecca, or Nadia. Or Lilith, or Zephyr. Who knows about tomorrow.

3.Mention five things that make you very upset.
Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies. Mmh... and the lack of care from friends. I hate rudeness, often I'm SHOCKED about what people can say/do. I hate who does his/her work without even trying to smile. Aaand... another one... I HATE racism, any kind of it. To meet a racist person makes me very upset.

4.What do you do to protect Earth? (name a few things or just one)
I try, even if I'm not sure to really do something useful. I try to not waste energy or water. I don't leave my trashes around in natural areas (a lot of persons do that, on mount Etna!!), I try to use natural products.

5.Each book would you pick to go with you to other planet if life on Earth was in the end?
Wasted. :D (by Marya Hornbacher)

6.Are you terribly afraid of something?
To suffer and to die in boredoom. And robots, ah ah!

7.Name five people you would love to erase from Earth.
I don't think I could "erase" someone. There are some people I really don't like, maybe someone I hate, but I'm ok with their existence. I just would like them out of my way and, in case of very bad and "famous" people, I would like that Italy could not give so much attention to them. But not erase them, no.

8.Each one was the most beautiful moment of your life?
Mmmh, I guess it has to came yet.

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  1. Why are you scared of robots? :) Now I am curious.
    Oh I love the Alice envelope. Really cool. The other two are nice as well :)!

  2. I was very in love with a pop Portuguese singer, I'll not mention the name because some Portuguese can pass here and read *ah ah shame on me*, I was 4 or 5, then I discovered Spice Girls :D I guess we all had that crush when we were very little and it was what I wanted to hear from people. I could say that when I was little I used to listen to Nirvana, Offspring, Guns n Roses,No Doubt, because it was truth, but I was influenced by my brother. When I was still a little wild girl in music I had my crush in the silliest thing!

    Aqua! I wasn't mad about them but I still know the whole "Barbie Girl" lyrics.

    The part to erase was kidding, looks everyone is afraid, is a metaphor, no one can erases someone obviously, but if I could pick an eraser I would erase my prime minister surely. :)

    Thank you for participating sweety **

  3. mi sento molto onorata di avere ricevuta una così bella bustina con la tua lettera alcuni giorni fa. Grazie mille!


  5. I really love the Alice envelope :)


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