sabato 29 maggio 2010

I want to be British in my next life

I forgot how time works, and May just slipped through my fingers. I was busy, painting my nails red, listening songs, reading Dennett and messing up with my mind, watching the end of Lost, reading zines, walking in the bright sun of Catania.
But May is still here, so I could remain closed in my little mind for some more days... Then June will come, and I'll go out, into the world again. I promise.

And people say that I am being lazy
I've got the dreams but don't know where to go
You think if I could choose to live here at the station I would?
(Jose Vanders, Faces going places)

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  1. aw, dear ^^ it all sounds great! everyone needs some quality time whether you spend it with Dennett or not ^.^ I didn't have the feeling that you were away, because I was writing your letter ^.^ Hope you'll get it soon <3 <3 =^.^= tanu


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