giovedì 13 maggio 2010


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> For tea lovers (ends May 29th)

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The books challenge

More about Il condominio
More about Dennett and His Critics More about La schiava bambina More about Bruciata viva
Progress: 18/50

I'm very disappointed about Ballard, I don't like his style at all.
But I was moved and shocked to read the books by Diaryatou and Suad. The original language for them is French, but I guess you could find them in English too. Search for them, because you'll learn a lot from these books.

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And now I'll stop my study, my reading and writing letters... and I'll go outside in the sun.

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  1. You've just introduced me to swap-bot and I love it!! Please do keep in contact with me you're adorable and I hope you like me too! xx

  2. Oh, I'm happy you discovered swap-bot on my blog! ^^ Enjoy it!
    Of course we can keep in contact, if I follow your blog is because I find it interesting. :) Thank you for the "adorable", eh eh! ^o^

  3. I read "Bruciata Viva" ("Queimada Viva" in Portuguese version) around six or seven years ago, a friend of my family gave it to me and i remember my mom felt impressed with the title and she took it from me and read it in two days. It was the first book I saw my mom reading, I liked so much to see her reading that I bought her more three of the same collection and others. She really likes to read those stories, I guess it is a shot in our reality.

    I see you are reading a lot. I am not sure if I can complete the challenge since I picked a lot of big books or books which takes a lot to read, and then in the middle of each one I spend some time thinking each one I'll read... I guess I am tired to look at my unread books but I also don't have much money to buy new one... a new book always cheer me up and make me to devour it :)

    Here is me writing too much!

    Much and warm love my dearest,

  4. It's great that you already know "Queimada viva", Joana! I think we all should read more of stories like that, to be aware of what happens in the world still...
    Yes, I'm reading a lot. Mh, you made me think that, in the end, "50 books" could mean 50 short ones or 50 long ones! We should talk in sheets, here too, ah ah!
    Love to you! ^.^

  5. So let's make the 1968584637373 unread sheets challenge?

    Well I begin late too the challenge, I knew I couldn't complete it, because I were in March I think I had only read two books. I was buying some in the beginning of the year and the first I read was bothering me a lot, but I kept reading it even if I wasn't liking it and after that I read a big one "The Physician"... but anyway I'll keep reading and see till where I can go, and next year I start from the very first day of the year!

  6. Hey sweeties ^^ I have the same problem with this challenge, the last books I've read both had about 450 pages and this one about Africa has about 700 ^.^ I have some rather short books lying around here, but I have no idea how far I'll get during my exams... I don't count the grammar stuff I read for school, even if it's a whole book, they're all not a little bit entertaining ^.^ I haven't read those books you mention here yet, but I have one about a woman in Afghanistan... Don't you think that most of the books are written by sad people? Or maybe most of the people don't want to read happy stories? I think maybe we shouldn't take the challenge too seriously, books and letters have different lengths, atmospheres, qualities (some people even manage to write 50 letters in a month), but I'd like to know how many books I read in a year though ^.^ Cheers, tanu <3

  7. Sweety I am giving you a sweet award in my recent post. Go there and grab it *** I love you.

  8. Oh, I just found and adore your blog! So cute:)


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