martedì 18 maggio 2010

A lot of stuff

Snail mail

Snail mail

Snail mail

Snail mail

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I was tagged by Rondy to post a picture, so here it is:


The rules of the game:

The Tag game goes as follows:
Go to the 8th folder in which you store your photos
Select the 8th photo
Post it to your blog and tell the story behind it.
After following the above instructions, you are ‘supposed’ to tag 8 other bloggers.

Mh, well, I have only a single folder in which I store pictures... so I took just the 8th picture. That was the Easter day of this year, I was waiting for lunch, and Nera (who was alive, I swear, ah ah!) was sleeping near me. The couch (that is in the "good" room of my parents' house) was protected by a blanket because usually cats can't enter in that room, my parents let them enter just on special days!
Oh, feel free to feel tagged, if you'd like to try this game!

* * *


It comes from my friend Joana (thank you, my dear!), and there is a "game" about it too:

1) post the picture below, 2) link back to the person who gave it to you, 3) nominate another ten blogs and 4) let them know by leaving a comment.

Who could I nominate? Uh, excuse me if someone of them was already nominated before, I just say:
> It's gonna be a lovely day
> Dolce vita
> Royal mail
> The crimson owl
> Lolly stravaganze
> Snail mail aficionado
> Creative corner

* * *
My new favorite video ever:

6 commenti:

  1. Ma nooooooo..meraviglia questi mici..l'ho detto che gli animali sono un qualcosa di MAGICO! La tua lettera è finita e solo da imbucare! Caiuuu

  2. Wow, so many fat beautiful envelopes and one is for meeee ^0^ I wanted to play the photo game too, but whatever folder I opened, the eighth photo was always somehow weird... hehe... I've seen this video some time ago, it's hilariously cute ^^ hugs, tanuki

  3. Nera the cat looks very comfortable on that couch! Thanks for playing along with the photo sharing :D

  4. Oh....and I forgot to say, those envelopes are bellissima! x

  5. Ciao chicca, perfavore quando ricevi la mia lettera mi fai sapere? anche con un mex sul mio blog va benissimo ;) asssssssie!

  6. Hmm scusa il disturbo ma volevo chiederti una info..dunque sai dirmi come si toglie dai blog che seguo uno al quale non voglio più partecipare? Non capisco come fare per eliminarlo..Grazie se potrai aiutarmi! B. week!


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