giovedì 18 marzo 2010

Finally, about my travel to North

I'm going to write about my little trip in letters, so I don't want to ruin the surprise for my penpals... but I could tell you something about the places I visited!

First thing first, keep in mind that Italy is a country full of differences. Every region of it is unique, and has its own characteristics.
I live in Sicily, and I went in Veneto... So, I really went in the opposite part of my country!

^ That is Veneto! And the island in the very south is Sicily

I visited Treviso, Padova, Venezia (Venice, but I like to call places how they're called by people that live in them!!) and some minor towns (but they're all lovely!).
Treviso is the most cute, clean and nice city I ever seen! Padova is amazing too, even if it was snowing like crazy... and it was the first snow of my life!!

My first time under the snow!
Me under my first snow, with my Rilakkuma bag protecting me, and my Chinese umbrella who died. Rest in peace, dear cheap umbrella!

Venezia is a must for every tourist, I guess. And this is why I was not so excited about it, but come on, soon or later everyone should walk through its little streets!



So, that's all. Then I returned home, wondering about the differences between North and South Italy. Remember to think about what you'd like to see, if you'll come to visit us! Italy isn't just Rome!

My little, nice travel was sponsored by my dear friend Alice. Thank you so much, dear! (How many times I said "thank you" already? But never too many!)

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  1. Very lovely photos from Italy. I will definately visit your beautiful country someday.

  2. You really should, Italy is amazing to visit! (and I'm pretty sure our food is the best!!)

  3. What beautiful pictures! Bellissima! (Is that right? :-) How lovely that you went to see a pen pal.

  4. Well, almost everything has already been said about the pictures ~ but I want to add another 'cute' and 'beautiful' ^.^ I'm looking forward to read about your travel, though I don't know when it will be and whether my letter will ever reach you T.T It was the one with the Japanese lady on my blog wuuuhuuuuhuuu T.T (well, you're the only person I write to in Italy)

  5. Ahhh, Italy. The place I most want to visit. It was nice to see a bit of it vicariously through you and your blog.
    P.S. I love your cute plum hat and coat. Definitely not something I'd get much wear out of here in Florida unfortunately.

  6. I love the photo of you with the red umbrella. Bellisima. I've been to Italy and twice to Venice. I had to return to be sure it was as enchanting as I felt it was on the first trip. I can't wait to return. I loved Venice. We stayed at La Calcina on one of the trips, so I had to read the Ruskin book The Stones of Venice. Perfect.

  7. I love your blog and your stationery passion! Sono italiana pure io e infatti volevo chiederti se oltre a etsy esustono altri modi per trovare inchiostro per timbri colorato o timbri di gomma.


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