venerdì 5 marzo 2010

More letters, and a little trip

Snail mail

Snail mail

I have some letter to write still, but next week I'll fly to Venice's airport, to meet my dear penpal Alice!
I'm excited about this little trip, I'll be in the opposite part of Italy and I hope to learn more about my country... To see the little differences between north and south is interesting!
So, if I don't reply to you next week, don't worry. I'm not dead. I'm just... around.

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  1. Wow, that's cool to hear ^0^ I wish you both some lovely days together!! Take care ~ aaaand I love your green keyboard! tanuki =^.^=

  2. Dear Sarita! Interpals is not working!

    I want to wish you a safe travel and have lots of fun with Alice. Enjoy to the fullest the days you will spend with her and in another place!

    I finished your letter, but I still do not close it because I may want to add more talking :), but I'll send it this new week, hoping this time it will arrive!

    I love you ***

  3. Hello! I just found your blog and tried to send you an e-mail but it got returned to met. I would love to get your address to send you a nice, LONG letter so will you please e-mail me at:

    p.s. - I lived in Florence, Italy for 6 months quite a few years ago - I love Italy!

  4. i'm visiting over from Belen's blog and loved what you sent her. I looove paper goods! and you live in Italia, which is my dream. I spent summers in college visiting my sister in Cascina, near Pisa and had THE TIME OF MY LIFE. i loved under the sun and hence, my blog name- DOLCE VITA.

    i would love to exchange paper good packages some time with you. :)

  5. Wow i hope you have a wonderful time to meet your penpal alice. thats so special. i am new to your blog but will be a regular follower.

  6. I love the envelop with the pigeon on it! Just curious, how did you meet your penpal? I would love to have one myself...
    Have a great day.


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