martedì 2 marzo 2010

I need more stamps!!

Snail mail

I finally have some cute stamps! Or maybe I should say... I had, because I already used almost all of them... (and I still can't post the pictures, because I want you - my pals - to receive envelopes like a surprise!)
But I love to find some different ones, sometimes. Maybe I should buy some from the "Poste italiane" website, but... as one of my dearest friends says, who could pay the shipping to buy stamps???
Let's hope to be lucky and to find more nice ones again...

5 commenti:

  1. Adorable, it is one of the most beautiful envelopes I ever got and plus the stamps are so amazing. I can't tell each one I loved the most and I really love stamps! *

  2. I sent to you another two nice ones... but the one I'm preparing for you is special! ^^ I love it already, I hope you will too!

  3. We are so very lucky in the US to be able to buy our postage online and pay only $1 shipping no matter how much we order. We can also use vintage postage, which I do all the time, and I buy that at face value or less online.

    And I LOVE the envelope and postage goodness on the feature mail!

  4. Yesterday I went to the post-office and bought stamps (finally), but the mailman gave me only equal ones, I asked all of the same price and I thought he would give me like 5 with some image and then more 5 with other, or something like that, but no... next time I'll ask for different ones.

  5. Varda a gondola, ostregheta!!! XD XD XD


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