venerdì 8 gennaio 2010

Oh, rubber stamps

Asia is a very nice place, and through you can buy its amazing rubber stamps. I decided to start my own collection of them, even if I already know that I'll never have the money to buy them all... But aw, they're so cute!

So, if you are very lucky and rich... where could you buy all of them?

From Japan with love - J Flair Goods - Karaku - Wendy story - Violet Gift shop

Of course, handmade is always better! So, on etsy you can also find some stunning handmade rubber stamps!

Norajane - Lovetocreatestamps - Scribbling club - foryoo - Stampaway

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  1. I wished to have money to buy one... I also was seeing some. I love those with stamps drawings and the round mark of post offices with those kind of waves ^^ Aren't they great?

    I like when they are equal to the actual post-offices stuff, oh once I got some of those marks from Taiwan, rubber stamp mark in red but with traditional stuff of Taiwan, it's so beautiful!

    Great post dear *


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