giovedì 28 gennaio 2010

A very "good mail" day!

Today, my parents went here in my little home. I receive mail at their home, so every weekend I get all is arrived there... but this time they were coming here, so they brought all to me. And... I've got ten packages at the same time!!! I was happy like a child, opening all of them!

Yay, I have my first rubber stamps sets!

This amazing card was from Julie, and she sent me too some kiwi-envelopes-seals, I love them!

4 commenti:

  1. Oh what a delightful collection of mail! You are lucky!

  2. Sweet ^^ Awesome to get mail ^^, I don't get a letter for almost two weeks, why people take so long to reply? And I read somewhere in the internet that most of the time letter take a lot to reach because post-offices first deliver spam and bills and that stuff, and only then our letters, how poor we are!

    When will I send my letter to you?

  3. Wow this amount of mail would make my day too! Love the stamps.

  4. To Joana:
    Post offices hate us, ahah!
    You can send it now, my dear. ^^ Check your interpal mailbox. :P


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