lunedì 11 gennaio 2010

Tough times

Today I spent all my time walking through the city, looking for the right amount of stamps to send my mail. It's becoming very hard to find stamps here... I wonder why. I really don't want to go to the Post Office everytime!!
In plus, when I go there I hear such crazy things... Like "To send colored envelopes is forbitten by law!". I hope this gray law (that doesn't exists) will not take away all colors from us. But Posts hate me, I'm sure, so I guess they're not so crazy with everyone here...

Snail mail

Snail mail

Anyway, I want to bring your attention on this: There is a woman who is searching for penpallers, to give them a questionnaire to fullfill. Would you help her? It sound like fun! If you do, click here (and you can read all the istructions), then send her a mail!!

Aaaaand... my friend Joana has an etsy store, where she sells all her handmade notebook. Please take a look! Oh, I love notebooks...

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  1. The truth is that they don't want me to become a lawyer because I'll fight against the system LOL
    I hate to go to the PO too!! Grrr!!!!

    I already took the questionnaire, it was much fun! :)

  2. Me too and me too ~ for the post office and the questionnaire... I think I wrote way too much on that ^.^ I wonder why those bloody post officers think that it's better to have a dreadful handwriting or a wrong address than a colourful envelope with the right address that is perfectly readable... There is one office though where the people say 'how nice' when they see my envelopes and handle everything with care... (darja ^^)

  3. P.S. I've read the book by Primo Levi a while ago too and I've made a kinda highschool project about it (in French)... it's an incredible book...

  4. This last comment made me think about the city I was living when I was studying, normally I used to catch the lady workers and they were so nice, they always used to talk with me about the countries I was posting for, and how she loved to chose traditional stamps to send to foreign places, so there they could see how beautiful our stamps are, I even caught there a man once who glued in my envelope dozens of stamps =p

    Now close to my hometown the worker sucks, he mumble stuff while he give me the stamps and she throw the envelopes or packages to the containers.

  5. Alice: I'm sure you'll be a lawyer one day, and you'll fight the system for us all! :D

    Darja: Well, for me it's ok if officers don't say "how cute", I just want to be free to send what I want! XD Nobody tell me that what I send is cute... they just look me as I was crazy. Ok, I am, but that is another story... XD

    Joana: I want your old city's workers. ;O;


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